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Are there side effects?

The biggest advantage of working with Bach Flowers is that no side effects can occur!

For instance nothing will happen even when you would drink the whole bottle as a matter of speaking. You can not overdose. It is of no real use to take more than four drops as the effect stays the same. If you would take four drops or twenty drops, the result will still remain the same.


The only factor that will speed up the result is the frequency of the intake. The more frequent you take the Bach flowers the faster a result can be received, but this is not an absolute rule. It is advisable when you suffer a lot from a certain mood to raise the frequency of the intake. This will help bring these emotions faster into balance and therefore make you feel better faster.


Bach Flower remedies will not give any side effects even when combined with allopathic or homeopathic medicines. Bach Flowers combined with any other medicine, if it is a pill for your hart or one for your cholesterol, this is not a problem. This is because Bach flowers work on a different level, an emotional and mental level. Different to normal medicine which works on a physical level


Bach Flowers can not give any side effects when eating or drinking certain things for example tea, coffee, alcohol, sugars, sweets, mint,… .You can continue to eat and drink any thing you want without causing side effects. 


Bach Flowers can even be used during pregnancy. They will not harm the baby or mother. They have actually helped a lot of women already, on the one hand to get pregnant and on the other hand to have a smooth pregnancy and child birth.


No side effects are caused when giving Bach flowers to babies and children. Often when giving normal medicine you need to be very careful when administering it to a baby or child and need to check the dosage, with Bach Flowers on the other hand there is no danger. Even if you have given a drop too many, the baby or child will not suffer from any side effects from doing this.


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