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May I use Bach Flowers during my pregnancy?

Many people are afraid to use Bach flower remedies during pregnancy. It is a natural reaction, since you should pay extra attention to everything you eat or do when you are pregnant. Fact is that the unborn child takes in everything through its mother’s bloodstream.


Research has pointed out that smoking, for instance, has a detrimental effect on the baby. Babies of mothers who smoked during their pregnancy appear to have a significantly lower birth weight compared to children, whose mother did not smoke during pregnancy.


It has been scientifically proven that the consumption of alcohol has a noxious influence on the baby as well. An increased risk of complications at the delivery, such as premature birth, or a too low birth weight are very common consequences of excessive alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Even the slightest quantity of alcohol is absorbed by the fetus and causes poisoning symptoms in its small body.


Moreover, it is not advisable either to perform physical efforts unduly during the first three months. The embryo needs the time required to firmly nest itself in the uterus. Visiting amusement parks with fast rollercoasters is consequently to be avoided, unless you are prepared to wait on the side.


As for the usage of Bach flower remedies, that is a completely different story. Bach flower remedies are 100% natural, completely harmless and they cause no side effects at all. That is why Bach flower essences can be taken during pregnancy without any risk at all. Bach flower remedies can even help you experience a healthy and stressfree pregnany. They are an important remedy to people who are afraid and have doubts whether everything will work out okay.


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